Hot Cocoa Macarons

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Hot Cocoa Macarons

I was a little nervous when I first decided to make these macarons. The last time I made macarons was a couple years ago during a cooking class – meaning I was under the careful supervision of a teacher. So when my co-worker requested these cookies for her birthday almost two years after the originally made them in class, I revisited the recipe with a little trepidation.


Day 5: Hot Cocoa Macarons

The macaron is not a cookie that you can take shortcuts with – believe me, I tried (if their is a shortcut in the kitchen, I’m all for it). So, if your recipe says to  sift the flour mixture three times, it’s probably for a good reason. If you are supposed to use eggs at room temperature, you shouldn’t use eggs straight out of the fridge. You get the idea; don’t mess with the technique.