Mexican-Style Corn Salad

Sides & Starters | September 4, 2015 | By

Mexican-Style Corn Salad

I was sitting in the airport waiting for my red-eye when I thought, hey, what better time to write a blog post! So here I sit, typing away on my phone, happy as can be, while i wait for at least one more hour.
Are there any foods that have the power to make you nostalgic with the first few bites? Well, thats how I first stumbled into this recipe. Let me explain.

A weeks ago, I was was at the store when corn stopped me in my tracks. I know what you’re thinking: How can something as boring as corn make you do a double take? I’m not a huge corn fan, but something about these cobs gave me a sudden longing for past summers full of bbqs and all day swim sessions. Since I don’t get to do much of either anymore, I decided to make something with my impulsive purchase.

(Side note: I love the WordPress Android app. It’s so easy to type away…okay back to the post).