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Asia Scenic Cooking SchoolA couple of weeks ago Cathy and I were in Thailand for an annual trip we do with our girl friends from college. Last year we went to Spain, and this year we decided to give Southeast Asia a try! We had a wonderful time, starting in Bangkok, heading north to Chiang Mai, and finally south to the islands Koh Phangan and Koh Samui. One of the highlights of our trip was a Thai cooking class we took in Chiang Mai. 

Asia Scenic Cooking SchoolThe cooking class was run by a company called Asia Scenic, and we would highly recommend the experience. We started the day at the local market where our guide showed us where the locals would buy their ingredients, followed by a garden tour where we learned about and harvested all sorts of Thai spices and herbs including three types of basil, lemongrass, green onion and chives.

Asia Scenic Cooking SchoolIn the cooking class, as a group we had to decide on a few categories and within that we could each choose our own dishes. Personally, my menu went as follows:

Stir fry: pad see ew

Soup: tom yum

Vegetable spring roll

Curry Paste: panang 

Curry: panang with chicken

Asia Scenic Cooking School

The teacher taught us how to chop and grind the ingredients for prep work, and we each had out own wok and cooking station outside where we followed demonstrations and cooked our own dishes! The class was very well organized and informative. We learned all sorts of interesting tidbits along the way. For example, did you know that Thai people rarely eat Pad Thai? The natives tend to eat more curries and rice dishes rather than noodles, which you would never guess from looking at menus in all of the restaurants in Thailand!

Cathy and I realized how easy most Thai dishes are to make (with the exception of fresh curry pastes- it took about 20 minutes of hard labor to pound the fresh chilli peppers and herbs!)   

Asia Scenic Cooking School

Asia Scenic Cooking School

The best part about the class was that they gave us a cookbook at the end, so we can continue to make Thai food at home!

And just for fun…here’s a picture of us at Patara Elephant Reserve!  Asia Scenic Cooking School


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