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Keste 2Since I live in NYC, I’m obviously on a quest to find the best pizza around. Somewhat inspired by my friend Jen who used to have a blog that sought the best of every “New York food,” such as bagels, pizza, doughnuts, black and white cookies…I have been on a more low-key quest. (FYI her blog was really cool…check it out here! Gourmande on the Go). While I’m not necessarily documenting my quests, I hope to one day have an extensive lists of all the bests of NYC…maybe one day it’ll even appear on this blog.

Keste constantly comes up as a must-try for New York pizza. It’s not exactly New York-style pizza, it’s very Italian, but this cozy West Village spot is a favorite among many. Keste has been on my list for awhile, but I recently got to try it sort of on a whim, and sort of by accident.

My friend and I actually had intentions of a healthy and active evening. We decided that we would go on a run along the Westside highway. (Side note for runners- it’s really a beautiful path along the water, I had no idea how great it is!). It was a beautiful day, and I decided I would just walk from downtown to my friend’s place in Chelsea. Well, it’s kind of a farther walk than I expected. Coming from LA where I’m used to Cathy being my “neighbor” when she lived a mile and a half away, nothing in NYC seems far for me.

Well, by the time I got there and climbed the 5-story walk-up, I was tired and hungry. We embarked on a jog nonetheless, and made it about a mile before we decided we were over it. We decided to then run TO food. (Of course this is when my friend told me he and my other high school friend went on runs to Shake Shack frequently in the summer…his justification was that it’s healthier than taking the subway to Shake Shack!) So we ran into the West Village, and of course stumbled upon Keste, which I immediately recognized from my “list.”


Credit: http://www.kestepizzeria.com/gallery

The guy sitting next to us, seeing we were in work out clothes, started cracking up and mocking us, saying wow, good for you guys, going on a jog before eating. It was quite a scene.

So finally, the pizza…we were lucky to be there on a Tuesday evening, as it was fairly empty and there is usually a long wait. We ordered two pizzas to share, one with meat and one veggie. The crust was incredible- very doughy and fluffy. The cheese was very good as well, and the sausage on one of our pizzas was also quite good.

Some may kill me when I say this but….it actually wasn’t my favorite pizza in NYC! Don’t get me wrong, it was fantastic, but maybe a bit too saucy and not enough cheesy for my preferences. I’ve also been into very thin crust pizza lately, and this was a bit doughier and heavier. So far my favorites have been Otto and Malaparte (reviews to hopefully come soon!). Nonetheless, definitely worth heading to Keste for a delicious pizza meal.


Credit: http://www.kestepizzeria.com/gallery

Keste Pizzeria

271 Bleecker St. New York, NY 10014

What to Order:

We ordered two pizzas to share, the Ortolano (tomato sauce, homemade mozzarella, artichokes, mushroom, extra virgin olive oil), and one with sausage that I can’t seem to find the name of! There are so many different variations of pizza, and all vary only slightly so you really can’t go wrong.

The mozzarella is definitely very good quality, and the crust is a medium-thickness and very fluffy. Certainly one of the better crusts I’ve had.



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