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Red Farm 3

Katz Deli Pastrami Egg Roll

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but dim sum is my jam. I grew up on dim sum as a kid when my family lived in Hong Kong, and to this day it’s up there with my favorite foods. I even took Cathy to her first dim sum in LA…she didn’t love it, but LA kind of fails on the Chinese food front; San Francisco and New York I would argue totally crush it. I promise you’ll come around, Cathy.

I first heard about Red Farm while reading one of my favorite food blogs, Chez Catey Lou. Her husband does a Friday Night Dinner series, and I think it’s adorable that he gets involved and adds restaurant reviews to her beautiful baking creations. Anyway, the description of upscale dim sum immediately caught my interest.

I did some research on the menu, and found several interesting things. 1) They serve dim sum appetizers for dinner. Dim Sum is usually more of a weekend brunch food, so it’s a huge score that they have it here at night, what a novel idea. 2) The menu is not JUST dim sum, but an eclectic grouping of creative Chinese-inspired dishes. By Chinese-inspired, I mean they have a Katz Deli pastrami egg roll- talk about a New York twist! Don’t think you’ll find that anywhere else.

I think my favorite dish (see the picture below) was the Pac Man dumplings. It was almost too cool to eat; they literally made dumplings into a scene from Pac Man. This place definitely gets an A++ for creativity, and the taste to match.

Some tidbits: They will only take reservations for 8-20 people, and this is prix fixe. I ate at the West Village location (there is also one on the Upper East Side) with my parents around 7 and we only had to wait about 10 minutes- so I suggest just going early. PLEASE order the Spicy Crispy Beef (if you eat beef). It’s something we completely looked over until the waitress suggested it, but I would argue it is the dish absolutely not to miss.

Red Farm 4

BBQ’d Pork Belly


Red Farm

529 Hudson St., New York, NY 10014

What to Order:

Drink: Blackberry Fizz, House Mule, Thai Basil Lemonade

Main: Spicy Crispy Beef, BBQ’d Pork Belly, Katz Pastrami Egg Roll, Pac Man Shrimp Dumplings, Wide Rice Noodles w/BBQ Roast Duck

Red Farm 5

Spicy Crispy Beef

Red Farm

Wide Rice Noodles

Red Farm1

Soup Dumplings

Red Farm2

Pac Man Dumplings