Big News: A La Main Takes on Big Apple

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I have some breaking news to share with you all. I’m moving to New York City! What does this mean for A La Main, you may ask?

Well, it means a lot of things, good and bad. Bad news first? Here goes.

I will now be nearly 3,000 miles away from my A La Main partner in crime who has become irreplacable in my LA family. I’ll also be 3,000 miles away from Los Angeles, the city I have grown to love after 6 years (and ironically, it probably took about 5 years to start liking it). LA has become my second home and the friends I have here have become my second family. I will miss seeing people wear Ugg boots and North Faces when the temperature drops below 70; I will miss the Brentwood farmers’ market and my long runs along San Vicente to the beach; I will miss being close to the happiest and most magical place on earth (UCLA, not Disneyland, duh); I will miss the long and crazy nights at the Wilshire/Shorebar/Buffalo Club; I will miss First Fridays in Venice; I will miss shopping on Third St with the girls after Zengo brunch; I will miss getting free churros at Churros Calientes from Jacob (just say you know me, NBD); I will miss the ocean view hiking Los Liones in Pacific Palisades; I will miss being labeled as a “West-sider”; I will miss driving through the canyon to a beautiful Malibu sunset…and I will NOT miss the traffic.

That’s a long list of things I’m leaving behind…but there must be good news too!

While it may seem hard (and crazy!) to leave all of this behind, living in NYC is something I’ve wanted to do since the first time my parents brought me there when I was about 10. So here I am, armed and ready to explore (arguably) the most amazing city in the world. Did I mention I will also be eating my way through the city? Well, I will be, which is where A La Main comes into play! We will now officially be a bi-coastal blog; how cool is that?! I am so excited to try new restaurants (and am most excited for French food, one thing the LA food scene lacks) and not only knock the classics off my Bucket List, but find new “hole-in-the-walls” to share with you. But don’t worry, I’ll still be cooking too…as long as I can manage in a tiny NYC kitchen!

While I’m sure my list will continue to grow, I have begun to compile a Bucketlist of restaurants I would like to try, separated into categories, just Manhattan for now. Let’s see if I hit them all! (Good thing there is an Equinox a block from my new apartment…)


Jane, Balthazar, Bagatelle, 230 Fifth, the Butterfly, Friend of a Farmer, Maison Premiere, Tea & Sympathy, Vinegar Factory, Prune, Paradou, Cafe Orlin, Jacob’s Pickles, Alice’s Tea Cup, Beauty & Essex

Fancy Dinners (I call this my “when parents come to visit” list)

Per Se, Bouley, Eleven Madison Park, Daniel, Momofoku Ko, ABC Kitchen, Gramercy Tavern (Dining Room), Jean-Georges, Le Bernardin, Sushi Nakazawa, Nobu, Boulud

Less-Fancy Dinners

Brasserie Les Halles, La Sirene, Buvette, Co., Forcella, Keste Pizza, Benoit, Beauty & Essex, L’Absinthe, Momofoku Ssam/Noodle Bar, Uncle Boon’s, Red Farm


Minetta Tavern, Shake Shack, The Little Owl, Ngam, The Brindle Room


Dominique Ansel, Levain Bakery, Momofoku Milk Bar, Maialino (Toffee Brioche), Epicerie Boulud, Sullivan St. Bakery, Laduree, Baked by Melissa, Ceci-Cela


Katz, Carnegie, Barney Greengrass, 2nd Avenue Deli

Assorted Noshes

Zabars, Doughnut Plant, Ess-A-Bagel, Big Gay Ice Cream Shop, Dough, Eataly


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