Fresh Pressed Cucumber-Kale Juice

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Growing up, I always had access to a ton of fresh, home-grown fruits and vegetables. In fact, we usually grew more than my family of four could consume on a daily basis. My dad’s green thumb had transformed into more than just a weekend gardening hobby, leaving us with over 20 varieties of fruit trees, grape vines, a sizable vegetable garden and approximately half a dozen barrels of berries. If I ever discovered a new fruit (guavas for instance), the plant would end up in our garden the next season.

Even though we ended up giving bags and bags of fresh produce away, we usually found unique ways to consume all of the food we grew. Thus enters the original Jack LaLanne Juicer. (If the juice cleanse is the new popular kid in Los Angeles, I guess that makes my old school juicer the hipster of of the block). I’m pretty sure my parents bought it on a whim–a way to get rid of the extra apple produce one season. Little did they know that over a decade later I would “borrow” it for new blog creations.

Actually, Hailey and I started playing around with this juicer long before we started this blog, learning some of the following tips the hard way… (There may or may not be a burn mark on my kitchen counter).

  • Make sure you thoroughly clean and prep all of your fruits and vegetables before you juice. It might seem like common sense, but juicers cannot peel an orange, remove seeds from a lemon, or wash your spinach.
  • You should alternate juicing leafy produce with dense produce to help ensure you get the most nutrients out of your leafy greens.
  • If you are planning on making a lot of juice (maybe for a three day cleanse), prepare your juice bottles in advance. Hailey and I had a hard time gathering enough bottles for our three day cleanse adventure.
  • If you have the time, juice only one night in advance. If your juicer is anything like mine, it isn’t made to run for long juicing sessions. Your juicer will overheat, shut down and possibly burn the veneer off your kitchen counter.

The recipe below is sort of a product of my imagination and love for Persian cucumbers.



Fresh Pressed Cucumber-Kale Juice

4 Persian Cucumbers

12 oz bag of Shredded Kale, pre-washed

2 Granny Smith Apples

4 Stalks of Celery

1 Lemon


Wash and dry your cucumbers, apples and celery. Core and quarter the apples. Juice produce. Squeeze a lemon through a strainer into the juice, stir and serve chilled.

Makes approximately 2 servings.

cucumberkalejuice cucumberkalejuice2


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