A Taste of Barcelona: La Boqueria

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Boqueria 2

 La Boqueria was definitely one of my favorite spots in Barcelona and exceeded my expectations. The last time I visited Barcelona in 2010, my native friend refused to go with us since he said it was “boring and touristy.” This time I made him take us, and I’m so glad we went. There were there dozens of combinations of fruit juices — from kiwi-strawberry-guava to coconut-raspberry; any fruit combo you could imagine can be found at the boqueria, and the juices were quite refreshing on a warm Barcelona day. In addition to the juices, vendors displayed the typical ham legs hanging from the roofs of stalls, beautifully assembled tapas on skewers, chocolate drizzled strawberries, colorful dried chilli peppers, and piles of gummy candies … just to name a few things you may see.

The market is magical and well-worth a stop for a snack while strolling down La Rambla, or even to grab some high-quality jamon y queso for later. I also picked up a few gifts here, such as the infused olive oils and flavored salts. La Boqueria kind of blows my beloved Brentwood Farmers’ Market out of the water.

boqueria 5

Chocolate drizzled strawberries (left), Fresh fruit juices (right)


Chili peppers


Fruit cups (left), Fresh squeezed fruit juices (right)

boqueria 4

Fruit cups (left), Assorted tapas (right)

Boqueria 3

Jamon Iberico legs

Assorted salts

Assorted salts

boqueria 1

Fresh eggs (left), Gummy Candy (right)


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      June 5, 2014

      You need to go when you head off to Spain! Silly Andrei for not bringing us last time :)

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