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Roast Baby Lamb (left), Garlic Prawns (right)

As Hailey mentioned earlier this week, we’ve been MIA from our blogging duties while we were off galavanting around Spain. And, honestly, I’m having a hard time focusing on real life when I am constantly filled with memories of our European adventure. No worries blogging friends. In order to finish this post, I’ve locked myself in my room with the last of my Knoppers stash for sustenance/brain food. (Knoppers are a Polish chocolate wafer my roommate introduced to us while we were in Ibiza. Many of our vacation stories revolve around these wonderful treats). Here it goes…

On Tuesday, Hailey talked about one of the best meals we had on our trip. Today, I’ll tell you about one of our best dining experiences: Restaurante Botin.

Founded in 1725, Botin is the world’s oldest running restaurant. I’ll admit, I geeked out a little bit over this restaurant. Not only do they still cook their house specialties in the traditional Castilian fashion, the restaurant also used to serve as the local watering hole for many of the greats in English literature, most notably, Ernest Hemingway. I wanted to take a photo in Hemingway’s usual seat, but the table was occupied by customers, so I resisted the urge to be a total creep.

If you ever have the chance to visit Botin, I recommend you go for the experience. While the food was really good, if you don’t like gamey food, you may not be head-over-heels for the cuisine. If you can appreciate that most recipes on the menu probably originate from the 1700s, you will not be disappointed!

Botin 2

Restaurante Botin

Restaurante Botin

Calle De Chuchilleros, 17 – Madrid

What to Order:

Appetizer: Since you can never go wrong with European baked goods, we ordered the bread and butter for an appetizer. Just be aware, the restaurant charges you 1.60 per roll and 2 euros per pat of butter.

Main: Our favorites are: the house specials–the roast suckling pig and the roast baby lamb. If you prefer something less gamey, try the garlic prawns.


Roast Suckling Pig

For your enjoyment, here are a few more pics from our Madrid-leg of our Spanish adventure.



Entrance to Parque de Madrid


The girls in Parque de Madrid


Me, enjoying some coffee-flavored gelato (left), Marta, enjoying her chocolate gelato in a waffle cone (right)


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    May 22, 2014

    Lamb! Yum! Wonderful that you guys got to go to Spain!

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