A Taste of Madrid: El Mollete

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Mollete 3

Assorted croquetas

Cathy and I took a little blog hiatus during our trip to Spain! (And another week off for recovery…) But we’re back in action, and happy to share all of the delicious food we encountered in Espana. Our first spot on the trip was Madrid. I’m obsessed with the New York Times 36-hours series, and read about El Mollete from their “36 Hours in Madrid.” It definitely lived up to the NY Times’ praise. It’s a tiny, cozy spot with about 5 tables, so I definitely recommend making a reservation. The owners/chefs automatically became our best friends, and sat with us to discuss what we wanted to eat. Amanda is vegan, and upon her explaining in Spanish that she is vegan, the owner said: “Que? Porque?!” Yeah, they don’t really understand what vegan even means there. A little flustered and not wanting to explain in Spanish her choice to be vegan, she blurted out that dairy hurts her stomach. This led him to believe that she could eat anything but dairy, explaining to her that they had lots of food she could eat, including tuna, jamon and duck. At this point she gave up.

Besides the food being incredible (the pastries filled with goat cheese and honey were particularly amazing), the best part of the meal was when the waiter brought out the duck. I don’t think he really spoke English, so as he brought it out he said, “Aqui, QUACK QUACK QUACK!” We started cracking up, because no one in the States would bring out a steak and say, “Here is your steak, MOO MOO!” Albeit bizarre, the staff was super friendly, and I would argue it was one of our best meals in Spain.

Mollete 5

Goat Cheese and Honey in Pastry (left), Avocado Salad (Right)

El Mollete

C/ Bola 4, Metro Opera, 28013 Madrid

What to Order:

Our favorite tapas: Croquetas de Queso (Cheese & Ham Croquettes), Saquitos de Queso de Cabra con Miel (Goat Cheese and Honey in Pastry), Ensalada de Aguacates (Avacado Salad), Huevos Rotos (Broken Eggs), Magré Pato (Duck)

Mollete 4

Huevos Rotos (left), Octopus (right)

The girls at El Mollete

The girls at El Mollete


Asparagus (left), Morcilla in Pastry (right)


House Sangria (left), More Goat Cheese and Honey in Pastry (right)

Magré of Duck

Magré of Duck

For some more fun…here are a couple of pictures from our wonderful day-trip to Toledo, outside of Madrid!

Toledo 3

Toledo 5



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    May 26, 2014

    YUM croquetas!!! I’m so excited to try some of these spots when I’m in Spain this summer!!

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