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Ramen 1

Hakata Ramen

Cathy and I were having a lazy day last Monday after a rough previous weekend. We both forewent our usual workouts, and decided to grab dinner after work. We were craving Churros Calientes, but alas, Churros is closed on Mondays :(. Cathy suggested we get ramen instead. West LA has a lot of good ramen places, especially around the Sawtelle area. This place is a little hidden and away from the typical ramen locations on Sawtelle Blvd., but it has an interesting concept and was quite delicious.

What makes this ramen place a little different is The Counter Burger-style ordering. On a piece of paper, you choose your ramen and all of your toppings, creating your own unique combination. I personally love picking and choosing different toppings, as opposed to pre-set combinations where you have to ask for substitutions. This place also has toppings you wouldn’t typically find at a ramen house, like bacon for instance, making it a new favorite spot.

Bon Appetit!

Ramen 2

Cheese Egg Rolls



Shin Sen Gumi

1601 Sawtelle Blvd. #101 Los Angeles, CA 90025

What to Order:

Appetizer: Cheese Egg Rolls

Main: Make your own Hakata ramen! Our favorite toppings are: fried onions, poached egg, bean sprouts, dried seaweed and bacon

Tips: The half size is MORE than enough, however if you are so inclined, order the regular size, and you can add more noodles to take home for another meal for $0.95!


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