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What would you do… for a Cronut? According to this post on the LAist, one person paid $60 for the original Cronut. We just waited in line for three hours.

Earlier last week, Hailey asked me if I would like to visit the Cronut pop-up shop at the Grove on Saturday. Sure! Dominique Ansel, the famed pastry chef and inventor of the Cronut, teamed up with Barney’s New York to bring the Cronut out of New York City for the very first time. I had previously only tasted knock-offs, and was curious to see if the original Cronut would live up to its hype. Half past eight in the morning, I picked up Hailey and another friend and we made our tasty trek, only to find out when we got there, we had arrived too late. With an hour and a half before the pop-up shop even opened and phrases such as, “we can’t guarantee you anything,” we were directed to the stand-by line. Hours passed, and we were ushered from one stand-by line into another, constantly being reminded that we still weren’t guaranteed a Cronut. We debated, was it even worth it to wait in line? Was it time for us to say “bye” to the stand-by line?

Cronut 2


With time running out, Hailey asked one of the early birds walking by us with her beautifully boxed Cronuts how many boxes were left and what she thought our chances were of grabbing a box for ourselves. By her response and facial expression, our chances seemed grim. We were about to give up and head home, when the same woman walked back to us. Our conversation went something like the following:

“Are you the girls who asked me how many boxes were left a few minutes ago?”


“Well I work for the press and would like to give you my box. There’s only one left in there, but maybe you three can share.”

“Uhhhhh….Are you sure?”

(and simultaneously) “THANK YOU!”

We left the stand-by line in shock and immense gratitude. The woman, a journalist from Eater LA, made our Cronut dreams come true. We made a beeline to the nearest table and couches and split our Cronut in thirds.

Cronut 1


For those of you who don’t know about the Cronut, it’s a cross between a croissant and a donut, filled with cream and fried to perfection. The Grove’s pop-up shop only carried the milk and honey Cronut, topped with glaze and flakes of lavender. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a fan of donuts (which might raise questions to why I was willing to wait in a line for three hours in the first place … a story for another time). But, oh, I wish words could do this justice. Flaky. Crispy. Sweet. Complex. Light. Buttery. Greasy. These words don’t suffice. One thing is for sure; the original Cronut is definitely worthy of the hype.

What a great way to to start off our rainy Saturday. Cheers!


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