A Taste of LA: The Pudding Truck Launch

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Pudding 5

LA is home to many incredible gourmet food trucks. Young Angelenos can’t get enough of them; all Westsiders know that “First Fridays” refers to a food truck event that takes place every first Friday of the month on Abbott Kinney Ave (a super trendy street in Venice), during which dozens of decadent food trucks line the street to attract hipsters (and wannabe hipsters…and us) hopping from bar to bar. For foodies like Cathy and myself, it’s heaven.

While we can’t get enough of the Lobsta Truck and the Grilled Cheese Truck, there is a new player in town, and the owner happens to be a really good friend. We would like to introduce you to The Pudding Truck, Los Angeles’ newest addiction.

The answer is yes, pudding is the only thing on the menu; think old-fashioned, stove-top pudding, a childhood classic. The owner, Carrie Cohen, makes every batch from scratch (with a little help from a newly added pastry chef). She developed every recipe herself, and makes most of her own toppings, too (think homemade vanilla wafers, cinnamon meringues, etc.).  She also tries to source her ingredients as local and natural as possible.

And let me tell you- if you are at all hesitant about pudding, just try a bite. I promise you will be hooked in no time. The world is tired of cupcakes and fro-yo, but Carrie found a perfect new niche at a time when America is craving a new dessert. Y-U-M.

Pudding 4

My personal favorite flavors at the launch were vanilla bean and lemon, and my favorite toppings were homemade vanilla wafers and all-natural gummy worms. However, if you are a chocolate person (I happen not to be so much, but Cathy is a chocoholic and can attest…), her chocolate pudding is out of this world. Keep your eye out for this truck; The Pudding Truck will be advertising on Twitter and its website for location info.

Pudding 2

Pudding 3

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